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Terms of Admission

To register to get a university degree from D.I.U you first must agree to all the following items and conditions:

1. If you register at D.I.U you approve that there are no curricula, exams or attendance. D.I.U gives you the scientific degree based on your work experience only.

2. D.I.U is not legally responsible in any way for any losses related to the certificate or degree that it grants.

3. You must know that D.I.U does not present any commercial guarantees for any purpose.

4. D.I.U does not grant any degrees or certificates under any circumstances in the fields of medicine, engineering, aviation or any other field that could hurt people and society.

5. You as a student at D.I.U bear the complete responsibility for any unauthorized, illegal use and any other use of this certificate or degree.

6. You as a student at D.I.U agree not to modify or change this certificate in any way and keep it as is.

7. You as a student at D.I.U must be fully legally responsible before all official and governmental authorities regarding getting this certificate or degree and using it officially or unofficially and without any liability upon the university, our agents or representatives all over the world.

8. You as a student at D.I.U bear the full responsibility for all the consequences resulting from the use of this certificate or degree in an unauthorized way or a purpose not specified for it.

9. Degrees and international certificates from D.I.U are only for the sake of improving character and development and boosting career paths. Any unauthorized use by others. You may be legally responsible for any unauthorized use like this.

10. You may need to seek consultation and you must understand your interests from getting this higher education degree for personal improvement, development and achievement of a better life.

11. You as a student at D.I.U must understand that this certificate is for people who want to improve their social status only and that this degree we grant is not a degree in the traditional sense.

12. You as a student at D.I.U must not be less than 18 years old and must have previous work experience and joined D.I.U with your free will to obtain a certificate or scientific degree.

13. D.I.U provides certificates and scientific degrees based upon experience and previous work but cannot guarantee that you will be accepted by the government or employers.

14. You must understand that our certificates focus on distance learning or e-learning and that it does not mean you will be accepted by government institutions. You must understand that you can withdraw at any time but no reimbursements will be made for sums you paid before withdrawal.

15. You must understand that the accreditation of the Higher Education Ministry in your country for our certificates is not the responsibility of D.I.U, its agents or representatives all over the world.

16. You as a student at D.I.U must recognize that D.I.U is the only commercial university with an internet considered an educational institution with a mail shipping address in the United States of America.

17. D.I.U is not officially registered at any governmental educational institution and it is not recognized by official governmental authorities. It is registered as an institution with a virtual website on the internet.

18. You as a student at D.I.U agree and commit to all the previously mentioned conditions and provisions.

19. You as a student at D.I.U must understand that all conditions and provisions are legally binding in any governmental institution.

20. If you agree to all the above-mentioned terms you can apply for obtaining a university certificate from D.I.U.

• If not, please do not apply.
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