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NEWS AND UPDATES :: Now, you can educate yourselves without any need to come to the campus in USA
about the university
The University was founded in order to fulfill the need for non-traditional higher education in the world. We proudly transfer knowledge and critical thinking skills through our dynamic programs the non-traditional way of life.

The University has a long tradition that our academics are proud of beside our international reputation for quality and a vast range of programs, degrees and relevant scientific specializations in every department in the academy.

D.I.U is a virtual university that does not teach any curricula inside the University campus. This is because our campus is our website on the internet.

If you are looking for virtual and fast learning and obtaining a degree during a short period of time, our University is your best choice.

The University is keen on taking responsibility for the community by creating and providing opportunities for individual development for those who want to pursue careers in all fields. We believe that we are capable of doing this. Achievement and progress lie in the ability of individuals being creative. All that is needed are some aids in unleashing this power and pointing it in the right direction. We are capable of providing that aid through our varied programs and extracurricular activities. We place the full focus on what the student actually learned in his life and professional experience.


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