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NEWS AND UPDATES :: Now, you can educate yourselves without any need to come to the campus in USA
Why the University?
D.I.U is an old international university that supports distance learning on the internet on the basis of experience equalization. If you are looking for fast learning on the internet our university is your best choice. We believe that learning is our biggest and most important investment in our lives so our mission is to help you in achieving your personal, professional and financial goals through gaining a degree based on your experience.
Why D.I.U?
A university on the internet that provides flexibility for adults in order for them to earn their certificates based on their work experience.
The university gives the student 16 printed certificates and sealed with the university official golden seal.
All certificates have a code number to verify that it is issued from us.
All certificates can be documented from the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs which proves that these certificates are official, legal and issued by prestigious and formal institution that is internationally recognized.
The student receives his certificate through the international shipping company from our official headquarters in America to the student's address without any shipping fees.
Being able to contact the Admission Office in the University through email, phone or fax during our official working hours.
D.I.U is accredited from the greatest international institutions which support distance learning on the basis of experience equalization ABHL-EDUCAUSE-ACDLI-AAC-CAEL.
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